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Anonymous whispered, "Is there any way I can buy Flynn Rider shirts like you made? Or similar ones?"

I have no knowledge of similar ones, and I don’t sell mine, I’m sorry!

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Anonymous whispered, "Why don't you open up shop though? It would be good to have a way to make money while life is on hiatus & I think your bussiness could really expand. :)"

I want to. My mom still hasn’t gotten around to assisting me get started with it though, and I can’t quite progress without her help first.

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Anonymous whispered, "Do you have permission to sell Disney copy right? Im not acusing Im asking. Haha because I see a lot of people selling paintings, designs etc of Disney, but I've also heard its illegal? I wanted to get into it but was wondering if I need permission from Disney~"

I honestly don’t reallyyyy know, but I think (or hope) that since it’s more so an interpretation of their characters and scenes, it’s fine. I think of it as I’m more charging for the supplies and the time I put into it, not like I’m duplicating it and claiming it as my own.

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crazyshannonigans whispered, "How long did it take you to dew your prom dress? I'm interested in sewing and would like to sew a dress as well. Any tips? Thanks!"

Oooh, maybe a couple weeks? I don’t really remember. Not many tips I could think to give! See if any of your friends know how to sew or any family members or something. If you’ve never sewn before, take a class! That’s how I got into it.

Anonymous whispered, "hi, I saw your flynn rider wanted shirt & its really cool!! (: is that for sale?? :O"

Not at the moment, no! Maybe some day :)

bug-catcher-hayley whispered, "Hello! I am a really big fan of all your art! It's so beautiful (and so are you!) I'm wondering what kind of paint you use for your shoes? I have painted a few pairs myself, but the paint I use is very heavy and the strokes always come out uneven, so I'm trying to find a new kind. Thanks so much :)"

Oh thank you so much!

I use Tulip soft paints, and Tulip fabric spray paint for shading (on occasion)

artdancewrite whispered, "Do you know where you but those Flynn Rider wanted t-shirt/singlets?"

If you’re referring to this, I made them! :)

Anonymous whispered, "Hayley. I am in LOVE with your dresses that you make. I like seriously want one. I live in southern california too and Ive actually seen you at Disneyland a couple times(x It'd be SUPER awesome if you could make me a dress!"

Sorry this took literally forever to get to - it got lost in my ask box!

I mean, it definitely depends! I really want to start sewing more and doing projects like that for other people, so maybe someday!

Anonymous whispered, "Will you be opening soon."


I still have business things to take care of. Moving’s been hectic.

lifeofczc whispered, "Forever wishing to be as talented as you are! I'm only a year younger and pretty much my only Disney-related talent is disneybounding. Like derp derp all I know how to do is make outfits derp. But really! I know you've heard it a million times before but every single one of your designs are fabulous and the execution is just beautiful! You're gifted. Keep moving forward :)"

Aww, but disneybounding is great too! I’m quite fond of that myself. :) Thank you so much, though! Messages like these mean a lot to me. :)